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Annual MCS holiday cards now available (orders due 11/23)

Posted on Nov. 17 2015 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
It's that time of year again: The Marion Community Schools annual holiday cards are now available to order!

The artwork featured on the two cards was created by Marion Community Schools students, and the cards themselves will be printed by Tucker Career and Technology Center students at the print shop there.

If your family, organization, or business is looking for a holiday card with a local flair — and a local impact — make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to get your order in for these special cards! 

Each set of 20 cards and envelopes is $6.25. Proceeds from the sale of these cards go to help MCS students in need. We hope you'll consider purchasing. It's an easy way to brighten someone's day and make a real difference in our community!

Orders are due next Monday, Nov. 23. Please return your completed order form, along with check or cash, to Patty Barney in the district office at Marion High School, 750 W. 26th St. Our office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Cards will be available for pickup on Dec. 7. 

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Holiday program

Posted on Nov. 11 2015 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
We know it's not yet Thanksgiving, and some people consider the mention of the Christmas holiday this time of year just too early!

But we also know that families often need to shuffle schedules to come to school holiday programs. So to give you time to make plans, we wanted to let you know our holiday program schedule now:

Our outstanding band will perform at 9:15 a.m. for our Community Day on Wednesday, Dec. 16. Mark your calendar, because we hope to see you there!

Together, we can face the challenges of the new ISTEP+

Posted on Nov. 10 2015 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
Dear Family and Friends of Marion Community Schools Giants:

Superintendent Brad Lindsay would like to share with you important information regarding the most recent ISTEP+ test. Please click on the link below to view a pdf of his message, or scroll below to read the text of the letter here. Thank you for your continued support of MCS!

Here is the full text of the letter linked above: 

Nov. 10, 2015

Families and Friends of our Marion Community Schools Giants:

Last spring, our children took a new state test. Based on information from the Indiana Department of Education, we expect school-wide results to be made public in late December. While this test was still labeled with the name “ISTEP+” it is not the same test that was previously given, and because of that the results cannot fairly or justly be compared to previous years’ tests.

This new test is based on new standards, the “Indiana College and Career Readiness Standards”. These new standards are much more challenging and difficult, and are meant to help better prepare our students to be ready to compete in the global marketplace — to compete with students around the world.

The new test, then, is based on much higher expectations. This test is more difficult than the old ISTEP+ because it is based on more challenging standards. Additionally, the score needed for a student to achieve a “Pass” rating is higher. While the scoring categories are the same — Pass Plus (the highest), Pass, and Did Not Pass — it takes a higher level of achievement to reach the Pass or Pass Plus ratings on the new, more difficult test. Because the bar has been set higher, fewer students will achieve the Pass or Pass Plus rating. This will be seen here in Marion and across the state.

It is important to remember, though, that this test is like laying a new foundation for a new building. It will be tempting to compare these scores and these passing rates to last year’s (and in fact, current state school accountability procedures would unjustly do so). That is not a fair comparison because this is the first time our children have taken this new test with the much higher passing bar. 

These scores will give us important information that we will use to continue to improve opportunities for our children to master these more difficult standards, to meet these higher expectations, and to strive to reach that higher bar set for a Pass or Pass Plus rating. Fewer children reaching that higher bar this first year is not a failure. It is a reflection of higher standards and new challenges. It is important that our parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the entire community face these new challenges together!

Our Marion Community Schools TEAM is determined to make better happen for our children and our community. We believe the rallying cry: Giants Fight, Never Die! Our children and our community CAN SUCCEED, but only if WE WORK together to face the challenges. Together WE CAN give our children the opportunity to succeed. Together WE CAN prepare our Marion GIANTS of today to become the global GIANTS of tomorrow. Thank you for your faith, support and commitment to Marion Community Schools!

Thankful to serve our children and our community which is our cause,

Brad Lindsay
Superintendent of Marion Community Schools

A Patriot's Mission

I am a Justice Intermediate Patriot.
 I take pride in: my home, my school and my community.
Learning is my top priority.
I respect my parents, my teachers and most of all myself.
I am Respectful
I am Responsible
I am Smart 
I am Talented
And I will Achieve

A Patriot's Beliefs

P:      Positive attitudes
A:      Academic success and achieving fullest potential
T:      Treating each other in a caring respectful way
R:      Respect yourself, others, and our home
I:       Incorporate a sense of pride and integrity
O:     Observe a safe environment
T:      Thinking of success in Society