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Justice Intermediate School earns grant for robotics education

Posted on Jun. 23 2016 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
Marion Community Schools is thrilled to announce that Justice Intermediate School is a recipient of a robotics grant from the TechPoint Foundation for Youth, to fund VEX IQ robotics education during the coming school year!

Mary Miller, a teacher at Justice, applied for the grant from the TechPoint Foundation for Youth, and the grant program also includes training for her to become a robotics educator.

The grant program is part of a state robotics initiative that aims to provide a hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning experience to every Indiana elementary school by utilizing an economical, entry level robotics platform. The TechPoint Foundation for Youth aims to award these startup grants to 400 elementary schools across the state, with the vision of providing a STEM learning opportunities for students in under-served schools.

The grant will cover costs for a VEX IQ starter robotics kit and a professional development session for Mrs. Miller, along with VEX curriculum and Project Lead the Way classroom projects and parts.

We are looking forward to this exciting new opportunity for Justice Intermediate students, and we are grateful for this grant from the TechPoint  Foundation for Youth, and to Mrs. Miller for applying for the grant!

READ every day

Posted on May. 31 2016 by Melissa Richards
Hope you are enjoying your summer break!  Make sure you are taking time to read SOMETHING each day!  Take 10 - 15 minutes to read the newspaper, magazine or a great book you picked up at the Marion Public Library!

District office, career center, preschool staff moving

Posted on May. 26 2016 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
Over the next several weeks, the Marion Community Schools district offices will be relocating to a different section of the Marion High School building, to make room for the new Marion Regional Career Center. 

District offices are moving to the southwest corner of MHS, at the front of the building. 

We ask for your patience once again as we undertake this move. The best way to reach an individual staffer during this time will likely be email. Click here for our staff directory

The Marion Regional Career Center (formerly known as the Tucker Career and Technology Center) will be moving from the building at Ind. 18 and Pennsylvania Street to the east side of Marion High School where the district offices were located in the 2015-16 school year. This move will open up exciting new opportunities for more MHS students.

During this move MRCC staff will likely be best reached by email as well. Click here for our staff directory. 

In addition, much of the Little Giants Preschool staff is relocating this summer in to our elementary schools. During this move, email will likely be the best way to reach them. Click here for our staff directory.

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