What's the Good Word?

Q: So, what are some ways we are increasing stamina in the classroom?

A:  We teach our students to write more as this is one of the easiest ways to increase stamina. Couple that with a compliment where you note how a child’s stamina has increased, most children will put pen to paper longer. We teach strategies for increasing stamina. Showing students how you keep at it by rereading to keep yourself immersed in the writing. We remind them that stamina is required when thinking about the writing as well as editing, revising, and drafting. We make literacy a big deal! The goal of increased stamina school-wide is posted on every classroom door, hallway entrance and public area for students to see. As stamina increases, the school/class will celebrate success."


"Rigor is a word used often in teaching, but many don't quite understand what rigor means. Rigorous learning is not a measure of the quantity of material covered or the number of times it is covered. Rigor is an element of the learning environment that promotes an in-depth, active, and engaged learning process for students. Teachers should attempt to incorporate rigor into as many of their teachings as possible. Rigor creates excitement and enthusiasm for learning that students can get in few other places."